Hobacare's expertise team is especially focusing on care products like senior phone and GPS tracker for 13 years. Thanks to the in-depth understanding of elderly demands in these years,from 2019 year Hobacare has a strategic cooperation with well-known radar experts and Ph.D from University to explore disruptive technology of mmWave Radar in care solutions for seniors. At the beginning, Hobacare provides radar module and technical support services to a wide range of China Nursing Homes and Caregiving Centers. Until now, accumulating comprehensive algorithm models from more than 100,000 cases of Human Fall Detection, Heart Rate, Respiration Rate, Sleeping Quality, etc. under all kinds of complicated circumstances. Now we are proud to utilize these innovative technologies enabled care in our own Hobacare products as part of projects in digital remote monitor to facilitate independent living.

Furthermore,to advance digitalization in telecare,telemedicine and telehealth,Hobacare extends development of Medical Alert System(mPERS+),

Healthcare Watch and other monitoring devices.

Hobacare's Mission

With the general trend of aging, how to help seniors live safely and independently by technology enabled care?

"The best technology for seniors should assure it is insensitive and comfortable. Seniors don't need to touch and/or feel the device beside, don't have to make any adjustments in their lifestyle, but they can be monitored and cared for 24 hours in real time.Originated from this idea of social care and service, Hobacare's mmWave radar sensor tailored to seniors was born.

- Jack Ray, Co-Founder