Hobacare AloT mmWave radar sensor monitors
vital signs of sleep, respiratory rate and
heart rate, also in/out of bed.

Sleep Quality

Low/Normal/High,OSAH and body movement in bed.

Respiratory Rate

Detecting AHI, COPD, Asthma,..

Heart Rate

Detecting heart arrhythmias such as A-fib, Tachycardia,Bradycardia, PVCs,Pause,Cardiac arrest.

In/out of bed

Detecting the status of in/out of bed.

Health Group
Chronic Patient
Chronic Patient monitored

Employ distributed system to monitor activities
of the elderly daily living.

Seniors, the relatives, caregivers, doctors, hospital, nursing home and ecosystem partners
of medical company, insurance company can study the analysis report and proposal
solutions of early treatment that will prevent hospitalizations.