The mmWave radar sensor can automatically detect
falls and provide real-time warning

Non-invasive & Contactless solutions enable seniors with dignity to live independently and safely.
Immediate response gives family members peace of mind in 24/7.

About Fall

● Serious consequences of feeling alone

According to WHO report, each year about 30% of the older adult over 65 fall one time, 15% or half of those elderly people over 80 have two or more, of which more than 300 thousand deaths.

Falling alone kills

Every second an older adult falls. A third of older adult who fall end up lying on the floor for over an hour, causing health complications that result in half passing away within six months. 

To avoid a lengthy hospitalization, a fall must be detected in seconds and help must be dispatched within minutes.

● Cost and psychological impact after a fall

The average medical cost of a fllrelated hospitalization and rehabilitation is $35,000. Furthermore, it causes the psychological and emotional burden between the older adult and their caregivers.

Advantages to save cost

● The pandemic of COVID-19 resulting in a wide range of understaffed and underequipped cases in home care and hospital causes the shortage of visits. In this case, the sensor can monitor the older adult within 24 hours without routine visit. Relate to a reduction in pressure on health and social care services. It can also help to save labor cost which is increasing rapidly.